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Palomo Volcano

Located at 4 850 m above sea level. Its name comes from the shape of its glaciers which look like the wings of a dove. 

This extinct volcano is situated in the heart of the Sixth Region`s mountain range and four glaciers emerge from its sides, forming the largest ice zone in central Chile. The Palomo Norte Glacier is north of the volcano’s peak and the snow caps hanging west of the peak form the Cipreses Glacier. South of the volcanic cone and descending from the summit itself you can see a large ice plateau known as the Gran Plateau covering an area which is 4 kilometres wide and 7km long. This wide ice sheet feeds mostly the Cortaderal Glacier, which shoots dramatically down the west side of the volcano and then turns north. The southern, central section of this ice expanse produces an ice overflow which moves towards the south, forming one of the largest glaciers in central Chile. It is called the Universidad Glacier and is 12 kilometres long.
The Palomo Volcano soars over one of the most beautiful mountain areas in Chile known as la Sierra del Brujo (the Wizard’s Mountain). . 
Although you can access it via the four glaciers, the most well-known paths are through the Universidad Glacier, where you can travel up the road linking San Fernando to the thermal baths, called las Termas del Flaco. You then travel inwards towards the north by following the course of the River Azufre and the River San José until you appear right in front of the Universidad Glacier. The other path is via the Cipreses Glacier in the Reserva Nacional Río Cipreses (Cypress River National Reserve).
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