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Mocha Island, a Unique and Exotic Place to Visit

Mocha Island is a unique and privileged place for the tourist to visit; it provides the possibility to escape modern life and to take a rest in these natural and exotic surroundings. The exuberant vegetation and the beautiful landscapes can be enjoyed through various outdoor activities.

This island still is relatively unknown; this makes it a special place to visit. Many different activities like diving to view shipwrecks, long walks, horse riding, and fly-fishing can be enjoyed.

In addition, the Island has a protected area called the National Reserve of Mocha Island with a total surface of 2,367.95 has. It covers about 45% of the insular surface.

The highest parts of the island are formed by two mountain ranges that run parallel to the coast and cross the island from north to south. There are two footpaths for excursions clearly sign-posted. These walks allow one to view abundant and varied vegetation which include ferns, nalcas, and cinnamon coloured notros. There is plenty of fauna to be seen and a variety of animal species such as the Fárdela Castilian, Choroy, Cachañas and the beautiful Chucao.

For those that wish to visit Mocha Island, it is located 32 km from the coast of Chile, opposite to the county border between the Bío Bío Region and the Araucanía Region. It is possible to get there via a small plane, which takes about 12 minutes. The plane service is offerered by www.islamocha.cl

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