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Laja Falls

Laja Falls is one of the most beautiful places in the area, given that is offers altogether four spectacular waterfalls: the first two are 55 metres high, the other two are 30 and 40 metres high and in the summer you can see rainbows looking at them from any direction. 

Within a few metres these waterfalls turn into strong, fast-flowing rivers, bordered by abundant vegetation. 
The place became famous because before the modern motorway Ruta 5 was built, the only existing road was the Southern Panamericana road which forced all travellers to pass over a narrow bridge, which had these impressive waterfalls as a backdrop. A traveller found it impossible not to stop for a few minutes to take photographs and enjoy the pleasing countryside. Nowadays you have to turn off the motorway in order to reach them. 
They are located 480 km from Santiago and accessed by land via Ruta 5 Sur. You then exit the motorway and travel along the Camino Variante Norte to reach the Saltos del Laja. 
By air, the journey is from Santiago airport to Los Ángeles airport and from there you will need to travel 25 km north via the motorway Ruta 5 Sur. 
You can visit this landmark all year round. In summer, especially during the holiday season (January and February) it is common to see daring divers defying the force of the water and intrepid sportsmen and women practicing river kayak, swimming, rafting, rowing and recreational fishing. For those who don’t like watersports you can enjoy activities such as trekking, horseback riding and mountaineering as well as many others. 
Nearby you will find the ski resort in Antuco, the Pangui Reservoir, The Laja Lagoon, El Barco Lagoon, the Laguna del Laja National Park, the Piulo Bridge, Ralco National Park, Rere Village, the River Bío Bío, Las Chilcas Falls, Velluda Mountain, the Valley of el Queuco and the Antuco Volcano.
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