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Where to go in the Juan Fernández Archipelago?

Parque Nacional Juan Fernández
Located 674 km from the Chilean coast, this National Park, created in 1935, lies opposite the port of San Antonio.

The archipelago was declared a National Park by the Chilean Government and was dedicated to humanity as a World Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO, 1977) as the largest quantity of different endemic species of fauna and flora in the world can be found here.

It covers an area of about 18,300 hectares, of which 9,300 make up Robinson Crusoe Island, 8,500 Alejandro Selkirk Island and 500 Santa Clara Island.

Tierra Blancas Sea-lion Colonies
The colonies lie 15 km northwest of Robinson Crusoe. You can reach them on foot or on horseback by heading towards the aerodrome, or by boat from the pier in Bahía Cumberland.
They are located in the vicinity of the aerodrome, in the bay at Tierras Blancas; here you can see a species of sea-lion with fine double fur, which was in danger of extinction as a result of over-hunting at the beginning of the last century.

Alexander Selkirk’s Look-out Point
This viewpoint is located about 4 km west of Robinson Crusoe. You follow a beautiful path which passes close by Fuerte Santa Bárbara, and then goes deep into an impressive wood full of giant ferns. The look-out point is at a height of 565 meters and gives an extensive view of most of the island. This is where the Scotsman Alexander Selkirk hoped to catch sight of the boat that would save him. The walk takes 4 hours.

Puerto Francés
This port is located 5 km south of Robinson Crusoe Island and the only way you can access it is to travel about 30 minutes by motorboat from the Bay of Cumberland. You can find people who do the crossing in the municipality of the town. There is evidence dating back to 1779 that many French filibusters landed in this port. From here you can visit one of the most beautiful examples of native vegetation, in the Rebaja de la Piña.

Puerto Inglés
Located about 3 km north and 15 minutes away by boat from Robinson Crusoe Island, you can only access this port by boats which leave from the pier or from other craft sites.

The Robinson Crusoe cave is located about 80 meters from the shore and this is the supposed place where the sailor Alexander Selkirk spent his ten days.

Playa Arenal
This beach is found about 23 km from the town, in the far southwest of the island. It is accessible by boat, in a three and a half hour tour passing small islands, cliffs and seal colonies. The scenery here is very different to the rest of the island and you can enjoy a pleasant swim in its crystal waters.

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