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Where to go in Quintero?


Playa Ritoque
Located 162 km from Santiago at the very south of Ritoque, this beach is 12 km long and is one of only four beaches in Chile suitable for surfing, as well as other water sports.

You get to the beach from the crossroads in Ritoque village, going south about 4 km on the continuation of Normandie Avenue.

Because of its remoteness, it is a quiet beach for most of the year, and only moderately busy in summer, making it the perfect place to rest. It is surrounded by dunes and overlooked by magnificent cliffs.

This little fishing creek is at the center of Quintero Bay. There are many beach houses, and it is the best beach on the bay with calm, shallow water.

This little hamlet and fishing creek at the northern end of the long beach of Quintero has a multitude of restaurants. It is very popular in summer.

Playa Albatros
This beach lies to the east of the Plaza de Armas of Quintero. The easiest way to get there is by way of Playa El Manzano, taking the coast road to Loncura.

It has never been very popular with visitors as it is opposite a Chilean Air Force base, and the noise of the airplanes taking off and landing can put people off. From here you can take one of the typical trips in horse and cart to Loncura.

Playa El Manzano
This beach to the north of the Plaza de Armas of Quintero is the closest to the center of the town. It used to be known as Playa de la Base or Playa de Los Pescadores.

This beach is the launching point for the windsurfers, zodiacs, jet skis, dinghies, sailboats and other craft which sail in the bay. A new fishing terminal is being built by the creek, which will provide a properly equipped location for the stalls which presently function to the north of the Plaza de Armas in Quintero.

The fishermen sell their catch on most days in the Caleta del Manzano at very attractive prices.

Playa El Durazno
This beach lies at the northern end of 21 de Mayo Street, on the eastern side of Quintero. El Durazno receives the full splendor of the morning sun, and is suitable for bathing.

Muelle El Durazno
The wharf is on the eastern side of El Durazno beach. It used to be very popular place for fishing but it is now run by a private company.
Playa El Caleuche

Lies to the north of Playa Los Rieles. It is slightly rocky, with cold water and fine white sand.

Playa Las Conchitas
The next beach to the north of Playa El Caleuche in completely natural surroundings. The water is a bit on the cold side.

Playa El Coronel
This beach lies between Las Conchitas and Los Enamorados.

Playa Los Enamorados
This little beach, surrounded by huge trees, is at the extreme north of Quintero, next to Playa Las Conchitas. It is one of the most popular for sunbathing in the afternoons.

Playa Los Bolones
This beautiful little beach, relatively unknown, is the next after Playa Los Enamorados on the way to the Cueva del Pirata. This track is the only access to the beach.

La Cueva del Pirata
The “Pirate’s Cave” lies at the northern end of Quintero. The coast here is formed of cliffs, and according to legend there was a path which went all the way to Ritoque, used by pirates to escape the Spanish watch; others tell that there is hidden treasure in the cave. The power of the waves breaking on the rocks is a splendid sight. The area is not suitable for bathing but there is a beautiful view.

Playa El Libro
This rocky shingle beach is not suitable for bathing but is excellent for a picnic. It lies south of Los Molles and north of Playa La Tortuga.

Playa La Tortuga
This little beach lies at the northern end of Playa El Papagayo, and south of Playa El Libro. It is sandy with rocky outcrops, and suitable for bathing.

Playa El Papagayo

This beach lies on the western side of Quintero. It is large and easy to get to, and ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

Playa El Burrito
This is the next beach to the south after Playa El Papagayo. It is very similar to Playa El Libro and Playa La Tortuga. You can gather shellfish here, and it is possible to swim, although there are rocks.

Playa La Caleta
On the south side of Playa El Burrito, to the west of Quintero and a part of Bahía del Papagayo. This is a small beach with clean sand and rocks, suitable for swimming and for gathering shellfish. You can watch the traditional fishermen with their boats and nets etc.

Playa Las Cañitas
Located to the south of Playa La Caleta, to the west of Quintero and a part of Bahía del Papagayo. This is a small beach with clean sand, suitable for swimming and sunbathing, and there is good diving. The beach has a lovely view.

Puntilla Sanfuente
This is the southern point of Bahía del Papagayo, to the west of Quintero. It is a recognized view-point, with marvelous views of the sunsets in all their splendor. It is rocky and not suitable for bathing but is a favorite spot with the new wave of surfers.

Cerro de la Cruz
Located in the south west of Quintero. This hill is a natural view-point, also known as Cerro Centinela (Sentry Hill). From the top, 175 meters above sea level you can sea the extensive dunes of Ritoque, and on a clear day you can see Valparaíso, Quintero Bay, Loncura, El Bato, Ventanas, etc.

To the east stands Cerro Mauco, the last mountains of the Cordillera de la Costa. The ancient Picunche fort on the top is a vestige of lost cultures.

Feria artesanal de Quintero
The handicraft fair is held in Normandie Street, Pasaje Sordini, right in the middle of Quintero.

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