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Where to go in La Unión?


Río Puerto Viejo Trumao
Located 11 km from La Unión. Here you can board a steamship which goes to La Barra, a crossing through some of the most beautiful countryside of the region. A building called La Misión de Trumao stands on the hill that dominates the port. This is a beautiful building made out of wood, built by the colonists of the Franciscan Mission, who arrived there in the 18th Century.

La Barra
This is a small resort located at the mouth of the Bueno River on the Pacific Ocean, where you can arrive on a little steamship that comes from the old port of Trumao.

Balseo Puerto Lapi
A short distance from Puerto Nuevo lies this balsa wood boat crossing that crosses the waters of the green and seemingly gentle Bueno River, which continues along the road until the town of Lago Ranco. The journey takes you through thick, native vegetation.

Puerto Nuevo (New Port)
This is the oldest fishing center of the zone of Lago Ranco and has a very good beach for water sports.

Puerto Nuevo Beach
Located 42 km from La Unión, on the southwestern shore of Lago Ranco, close to the source of the Bueno River. There is a modern hotel as well as cabañas, and a campsite right on the shore of the lake. You can reach the beach from La Unión along an asphalt road.

Coastal Sector
Located 65 km from the city of La Unión. After crossing the coastal cordillera you find yourself in a resort of unparalleled beauty. Here you will find the Hueicolla River and a little further south, in La Barra, the Bueno River. This sector has a fine, sandy beach.

A small town south of La Unión with an old railway station which is abandoned nowadays. At the beginning of the century the railways transported supplies and materials that the old steamships used to bring from the coast, navigating along the river Bueno. The railway infrastructure is still maintained today in the sector.

Puerto Viejo (Old Port)
Located 2 km from Trumao, with a rocky path that makes access from the balsa wood boat crossing towards La Unión very difficult.

Playa de Hueicolla
From this beach you can see the Cerro Parque El Mirador, 1,231 meters above sea level, one of the highest peaks of the Region of the Lakes. On this hill you can see majestic ferns, coigües, ulmos, cypresses and raulíes, as well as birds such as the pitio and the thrush, in a woodland made up of abundant and dense vegetation.

In this very place the Coastal Alerce Natural Monument is found, maintained by CONAF, where the oldest alerce tree known to man is kept, thought to be more than 3,000 years old. There are no campsites or facilities for the tourist at this Natural Monument, since it is meant to be a place for quiet contemplation.

Las Trancas
From here you can reach the Cerro Parque El Mirador, the best place in the zone for observing wide stretches of very beautiful countryside where many alerce trees grow.

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