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What does the project involve?

The project known as Fundación Sendero de Chile (Chilean path Foundation) focuses on the following objectives:
a) Developing a distinctive product for ecotourism, which is both high ranking and varied, which can be carried out on a large scale and which is suitable for different groups of the Chilean public; 
b) Generating citizen accessibility to a knowledge and enjoyment of the cultural and geographical heritage of the country by means of the path, and,
c) Effectively protecting national landscapes.
Presently the path covers some 1 800 km which are distributed over 41 segments and the idea is that in the future it will connect the national continent lengthwise from, the three point Chilean-Peruvian-Bolivian border area as far as Bahía Windhond, on Navarino island, in the Region of Magallanes, opposite Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn). This backbone passes through 10 large territorial units, well-defined in terms of their biographical, historical and cultural characteristics.
High plateau: From the 3 point border area to Llullaillaco 
Inland Desert: From Llullaillaco to Tal Tal 
Coastal Desert: From Tal Tal to Punta Choros 
Transversal Valleys: From Punta Choros to Aconcagua 
Central Andes: From Aconcagua to Laguna del Laja 
Araucanía: From Laguna del laja to the Pacific Ocean
Lakes, Forests and Volcanoes: From Coñaripe to Hornopirén
Northern Patagonia: From Pumalín to Tortel
Southern Patagonia: From Torres del Paine to Cabo Froward 
Tierra del Fuego: From Porvenir to Bahía Windhond
Long distance routes:
Colla-Diaguita: From Ojos del Salado to Punta Choros 
The border: From Lonquimay to Lebu 
Chiloé: From Ancud to Quellón along the Pacific coast
Satellite Units:
-Easter Island 
-Robinson Crusoe Island 
-Campo de Hielos Sur
The Initiative will operate according to destinations, which fall under 33 urban headings and all of which cover a longitude of approximately 250 km.
The entrance ways and exits of the Path will be located in a type of centre/station, which will consist of areas where visitors can record their names as they start off on the path. They will also provide parking facilities, information, food and drink and rental equipment like bikes, horses, kayaks, amongst other possibilities.
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