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Villarrica Volcano


This volcano is 2,847 meters high, it is active, and its crater is only 200 meters in diameter, with a lava lake of 1,250ºC, permanently smoking, covered by a vast glacier 40km². It is located to the extreme northwest of a notable volcanic chain also including the Cordillera, El Mocho, Quetrupillán Quinquilil and Lanín volcanoes. It has erupted 59 times in the past, and the biggest eruptions of this century were in the years 1908, 1920, 1948, 1949, 1963, 1971 and 1984-85.

There are some volcanic caves you can visit, where you can see the physical constitution of the volcano, with an approximate length of 700 meters, equipped with lights and stairs for visitors. There is also a Information Center and a cafeteria. You have to pay an entrance fee, and they are open all year round. There’s a guided tour around the caves with safety procedures in place.


This is a volcano 2,360 meters high. It is an extensive, volcanic complex, and its erosive lava flows have created waterfalls in the valley of the river Palguín, such as the waterfalls called Salto de La China (China Leap) and El León (The Lion). Nowadays this volcano is dormant.

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