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Traditional Dishes

All of the traditional dishes described below make use of the local products available, from both the sea and the land. The diet of the islanders is made up of these local products.

"La Mazamorra"
This is made from raw or cooked flour mixed with redcurrants or apples to which a little bit of water and sugar is added. In some cases, instead of flour, toasted wheat which has been ground in a pestle and mortar is used.

"El Caldillo y el Mayo de Papas"
For breakfast the islanders eat a spicy consommé which is made from water, fish or dried shellfish, onion and chillies. This is eaten with "mayo de papas" (potatoes boiled in salted water).

"La Harina Tostada Sazonada"
This traditional dish which was prepared for breakfast by the ancient inhabitants of the island is made of toasted flour mixed with lard and hot water.

"El Milcao Colao"
Washed potatoes are grated using a "raya", a stone with a flat rough surface. The grated potatoes are then placed in a reed basket called a "chaigüe" which only allows the starch from the potatoes to filter through. This extract was left to sit for several hours in a tub made of larch wood until a layer of potato flour formed in the bottom. This was then used to make the "milcao colao" which had boiled potatoes kneaded into it and was then cooked in hot water and wrapped in honey before eating. "Milcao colao" could also be fried, in which case it had lard and pork crackling kneaded into it.

"El Deche"
The ancient inhabitants made the dehydrated grated potatoes left over from making the "milcao calao" into medium shaped balls which were then smoked to dry them out. In summer, the dried balls were taken to the mill to be made into flour. The housewives then used this flour to make "chapaleles" (thin slices of dough cooked in water).

"El Baeme"
This name refers to the boiled "milcao colao" which is made from potato flour. It was often prepared for the "madenes". All of these dishes and other similar ones were popular among the ancient inhabitants as they said that this food gave them lots of energy to do their daily work and also ensured their good health.

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