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The Beaches and Lakes of Valparaíso


There are 36 beaches in the Valparaíso area, of which only five are suitable for bathing: Las Torpederas, Caleta Abarca, Las Salinas, Los Lilenes and Playa Amarilla.

Of the remaining beaches, nineteen are suitable only for sunbathing, according to the report issued by the Capitanía de Puerto de Valparaíso: Quintay 3, Quintay 1, Laguna Verde 1, Carvallo, San Mateo, Portales, Acapulco, El Sol, Playa Blanca, Los Marineros Sur, Los Marineros Norte, Reñaca, Reñaca 1, Reñaca 2, Reñaca 3, Reñaca 4, Reñaca 5, Playa Negra and La Boca.

The remaining twelve are classified as dangerous, and access for any purpose is prohibited: Quintay playa chica, Quintay 2, Las Docas, Laguna Verde 3, Laguna Verde 2, Los Placeres (San Luis y Yolanda), Los Artistas, Casino, Arturo Prat, Cochoa Sur and Norte, Bahamas and Playa Naranja.

Playa Carvallo

Lies on the road leading to Las Torpederas beach between Paseo Rubén Darío and Paseo Carvallo; there are a few restaurants up on the coast road, which offer a variety of styles of food and a magnificent view of the ocean.

Playa Laguna Verde

Located 18 km south of Playa Ancha, the higher part of Valparaíso; access is by the Quebrada Verde road. Suitable for sunbathing and fishing.
Halfway to the beach, you will pass Laguna El Plateado, surrounded by forest, where the Club de Pesca y Caza has its clubhouse.

Playa Las Torpederas

This beach is in Playa Ancha, and is one of the most popular in Valparaíso. It has a full range of facilities, and public transport is available continuously.
It owes its name to the existence of a torpedo boat base in 1887. The torpedo boats were kept in the sheds, and two were anchored in Valparaíso Bay at all times, ready for active service, until 1895.

Playa Portales

Located next to the Caleta de Pescadores Portales and the Parque Costero Juan de Saavedra. It is suitable for sunbathing and there is a pedestrian walkway.

Playa San Mateo

Next to the Molo de Abrigo and the Batería Esmeralda in Avenida Altamirano, this is one of the few remaining beaches in Valparaíso itself, since most of the shoreline is taken up by the port. There are changing rooms, showers, trashcans, lifeguards, kiosks, etc.

The beach is used by the Chilean Navy for exercises to practice beach landings with troops and amphibious and land vehicles, and diving exercises are also carried out by the Navy off the beach.

Laguna Verde

This lake lies some 15 km south of Valparaíso, and has a large, broad beach. 10 km from Laguna Verde is the Las Docas beach.
Laguna El Plateado

On the road which leads to Laguna Verde, surrounded by forest. The Club de Pesca y Caza has its clubhouse here; there is a restaurant and tea rooms.

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