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Santuario de Santa Rosa de Pelequén

This church is located 41km to the south-east of Rancagua and 9km east of Malloa. The image of Santa Rosa came to Pelequén at the end of the Peru-Bolivia Confederate War.

The image which was originally located in the home of María Terán became cult and was ordered by the Archbishop of Santiago, Rafael Valentino Valdivieso, to be moved to the church in Malloa as Pelequén didn’t have a church. In the meantime a church was built in the town.

On the 6th of August 1881 the Church of Santa Rosa was ready to receive the image and on the 10th of August the Sub-parish of Pelequén was formed. On the 30th of August 1881 the image was solemnly moved from the small inner chapel of the church in Mallao to the new church in Pelequén – the people were in fervour.

On the 8th of February 1897 Mariano Casanova created the Parish of Pelequén. The original church was completely destroyed by the earthquake on the 16th of August 1906 and a second church was built, however, it wasn’t very solid and the earthquake on the 2nd of December 1928 left it in very bad conditions. The new church has three large naves and is a mix of romantic and gothic architecture. It was inaugurated on the 29th of August 1929 and in 1953 some additional towers were added.

People show their religious devotion here by attending mass and making religious vows. On the 30th of August there is a religious celebration and the devout come throughout the week before and the week after the celebration.

The address is Santa Rosa 595 (cross street Gallegos).

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