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San Félix

Situated in the valley of the river El Carmen in Huasco, 25km south of the town of Alto del Carmen. In the past it was known as Valle de los Españoles (Valley of the Spanish), due to the dominating colonization. During the Colony it was also known as Horcón Quemado and was an important farming and mining location.

San Félix stands out for a variety of cultural aspects, amongst them the pajarete or sweet wine made there, the home-made pisco, and the buildings such as the Church and the plaza. At the same time, it is a town very typical of the region, surrounded by steep hills with small streets running through them, with some places to eat and stay in the center.

The cultivation of various fruit products is the main source of employment for inhabitants, for example raisins, nuts, avocados and grapes, amongst other things.

The most important festival takes place in September of every year, in honor of the Virgén de la Merced (Virgin of Mercy), although the Patron Saint of the town is San Félix de Cantalicio.

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