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The name means “water of the cave” in Mapuche. The town is located 24 km from Angol and 143 km from Temuco. From here you can access various tourist spots. Renaico is the gateway to Malleco via the eastern slope of the Cordillera de Nahuelbuta; it has paved roads which are useable all year round and which link the area’s main urban centers with the south.

Traditional and modern farming are the principal activities of Renaico; the rural world is a great attraction and learning experience for visitors to this part of the province of Malleco.

Cerro Tolpán is located only 8 km from Renaico. This hill is of great historical significance because it was here that Alonso de Córdova y Figueroa built a fort, making it his center of operations against the Mapuche.

Another thing that makes Los Sauces special is the climate, since there are plenty of sunny days all year round, with average highs in excess of 24º C. This provides encouragement to go out into the countryside and also to practice sports and all types of outdoor activities.

Furthermore, the city is known for its rich culinary tradition, based on the sale of exquisite tortillas, a product which the tourist can buy when visiting various spots in the area.

Tourist Attractions in Renaico

Cerro Tolpán
A place recommended for a good panoramic view of the area. You can take photographs and observe the flora and fauna.

Camping Municipal de Renaico
The campsite is very accessible, being next to the main entrance to Renaico, and is open all year. This is an excellent place for camping, swimming and picnics.

Laguna Huelehueico
A man made lake constructed by the colonizers, it is perfect for water sports and swimming. The vegetation of the area is comprised of eucalyptus, pines, rushes and mimosa, while the fauna includes birds such as coots, ducks and chirríos.

Fundo Colgué
The farm is fitted out with accommodation and services which include food, allowing the visitor to enjoy nature, surrounded by pine and eucalyptus forests.

Parque Los Paraguas
Located very close to the Pan-American Highway, which connects the southern part of the country to Angol, Los Angeles and Negrete. The park, which belongs to the Municipalidad de Renaico, is open all year, and dances and competitions are organized on a regular basis.

History of Renaico
During the era of the Spanish conquest, the Río Renaico was known as Tolpán and the town of Malven and the fort of Mulchén were established on its banks by the first colonizing settlers in Araucanía.

When the Chilean army entered the area during the 1860s, Coronel Cornelio Saavedra began studies for the installation of a fort on the banks of the Río Renaico, but he only managed to erect one roof-truss. Later Coronel Saavedra ordered the construction of boats for river transportation, using as wharves the banks of the Río Renaico known as Granaderos and El Rosal.

After several attempts to raise a town, which failed due to continuous native attacks, the effort received a significant impulse on January 23, 1884, with the arrival in Renaico of the then President of the Republic, Domingo Santa María, as well as his Ministro del Interior, José Manuel Balmaceda and a delegation, to inaugurate work on the railway line from Renaico to Victoria.

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