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Situated 10 km east of Curicó, this is the first place you will come across on your journey from Curicó towards the coast. It is a pleasant city with approximately 8,500 inhabitants, and has many attractions such as the bridge of Cimbra, only a few streets from the Plaza de Armas, where you can picnic and go swimming, amongst other things.

The sport fishing of Pejerrey is permitted in Rauco’s reservoir, 7 km away in the region of La Palmilla, despite it being private property. You can also camp there if you like. You can also visit El Parrón, famous for its goat’s cheese, El Llano, well-known for its mushrooms, jellies and marmalades, and Majadilla and Tricao, where there are some campsites.

Rauco, as with the majority of the towns of Curicó, has a large number of pretty houses in the colonial style, some of which were in the past employers’ houses of the large estates.

There are basic tourist facilities here which, together with the places to stay and eat, will ensure you have a pleasant stay.

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