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This is located 41 km from Viña del Mar. The sector was at one time inhabited by indigenous people controlled by the Incas.  Quillota was founded in 1717. Nowadays it has a population of 70 000 inhabitants.

The surrounding areas are popular destinations for rural tourism, for example la Quebrada del Ají, el Criadero Margarita and along the camino a la Palma, in the educational farm known as Piedras Blancas.
You can have a look at the Plaza de Ramas which consists of large shaded areas and palm trees, the two churches which are located around the square: el Convento de Santo Domingo and la Parroquia San Martín. Other possible attractions are the San Francisco Church and the Colonial House which was declared a National Monument, the Archaeological Museum of Quillota and la Casa y Museo del Huaso de Quillota.
Places to see in Quillota: 
Convento de Santo Domingo
This is next to the Square. The columns and altar are painted in faux marble. Inside the Convent you can explore ‘Beatita Benavides’ tomb and the Patio Portales.
Colonial House
This dates back to 1722, which makes it the city’s oldest building. Bernardo O’Higgins stayed here in 1822, when he bestowed the title of city to Quillota. It was declared a National Monument.
Casa y Museo del Huaso de Quillota
This explains the history of the ¨huaso¨ (cowboy) in Chile and the Central Region. It is open from Monday to Friday. 
School of Armoured Cavalry 
Originally this was called los Perales de Atienzo, and it then became known as San Isidro when the local chapel was founded. The School of Cavalry opened in 1935, when the estate was sold to the Army. In 1994 a museum was inaugurated inside the building.
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