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The town of Pisagua is located 191 km north of Iquique and 90 km north west of Huara. It has a pleasant climate, with temperatures ranging between 13° C and 26° C. Beautiful beaches with calm waters are set among rocks and cliffs, for example Punta Pisagua and Punta Pichalo. To the north you will find the beaches of Seis and Pisagua Viejo.

Originally it was one of the most important nitrates ports of the north of Chile. The houses are in the typical architectural style of the golden age of the nitrates industry, and many of them have been declared National Monuments. The most notable of these are the Municipal Theater and the Clock Tower.

Municipal Theater
The Municipal Theater was built in 1892. The building formed an ensemble with the market, the municipal building and the opera house. It is built of oregon pine, with fluted columns, balustrades and beautiful cornices. It has been declared a National Monument.

Clock Tower
The clock tower was built of wood in 1887 and has been declared a National Monument. Twelve meters high, it became a well-known feature of what used to be an important nitrates port. There is a balcony half way up and the clock is above it.

Old Hospital Building
The construction of the old hospital is of oregon pine and dates from the end of the 19th Century. It was equipped for 60 beds and is sited on a wide platform surrounded by stone walls. It has been declared a National Monument.

Old Prision Building
The construction of the prison in oregon pine dates from 1940. The style is neo-classical. There are two floors with a central patio in the Georgian style. It no longer serves as a prison and has been declared a National Monument.

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