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Its name means ‘water of peumo’ and it lies 9km from Concepción. It has approximately 40,000 inhabitants. This was the first city founded in the south by Pedro de Valdivia in 1550, who named it Concepción of the New Extreme. This was the original city of Concepción until it was moved to its actual site in 1764, after being devastated in a seaquake. This is the reason why the inhabitants of Concepción are called ‘penquistas’.

Places to visit around Penco

La Planchada Fort
This stone fort was built by Governor José de Garró in 1687, it is 65 meters in length with a defense parapet showing the Coat of Arms of León de Castilla. The front part looking out towards the sea is still preserved. It was attacked by pirates in 1694 and 1720. During the War of Independence it was used as a prison for patriots.

A fortified building with covered channels made of kaolin (white clay), used for the manufacture of crockery.

Its name means ‘bar’. It began as a fishermen’s cove, and still has this use today. In 1913 the railway to the coast was inaugurated and the Factory of Flat Windows and the Company of Springs was built, with a private port. Today this place is the main loading port for wood in the south of Chile.

Barrio Chino
A mass of small streets with windows exhibiting produce from the sea. With its picturesque seafood restaurants, it’s considered a true gastronomic center.

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