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Nercón Church

This is located in Nercón, 4 km south of Castro. Its festival, which is celebrated on 8th September every year, is held in honour of the Virgin of Grace.

Construction on the church building began in the mid 19th century and was completed in 1890. Larch and cypress trees were used to build the 40m long, 15m wide and 25m high church tower. 
The protective figure of the Archangel Saint Michael stands out, not to mention the tower`s sturdiness, on the facade which has two cylindrical walls covered in the traditional wooden tiles.  
The church has received private contributions which have helped to conserve the building and conduct a recent restoration project, inaugurating an exhibition area in the choir box.  
It was declared a National Monument in 1984 and a World Heritage Site in 2000. 
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