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This is a little village located in an oasis on the eastern edge of the Pampa de Tamarugal, beside the Quebrada de Quisma, at an altitude of 1,160 meters above sea level. It dates from 1760, when a group of townspeople from Pica established the village here. At that time, its principal product was wine, and when the vineyards were destroyed, the village fell into ruin. Some buildings of cultural interest have been restored for tourists to visit.

Church of San Antonio
The church stands in the village square of Matilla. It was constructed in 1887, after the existing church was destroyed by an earthquake. It is close to Lagar de Mantilla, likewise a National Monument. The style is neo-classical, with some baroque features. It has a stone bell-tower.

Lagar de Matilla
A wine-producing industry was established here in the first decades of the 18th century. Equipment, big earthenware jars (known as tinajas) and a large press have been preserved. The last vintage was harvested in 1937, after which it fell into disuse. The site has been turned into a museum where explanatory talks are given.Related: south today presenters, maltipoo breeders long island, senior mobile home parks san antonio, tx, nfl trade machine espn, how did april perron die, what kind of wood did the romans use for crosses, offensive signs for softball, the mixing bowl eatery owner dies, houston raceway park seating chart, brentwood volleyball schedule, kathy hilton political party, molly louisa whitehall tattoo, why did gracie leave according to jim, emergency contact phone country code is invalid, jeff anderson attorney net worth,

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