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Magallanes National Reserve


Covering a total of 13,500 hectares, the Reserve was created in 1932 and is located on the Península de Brunswick, 7 km from Punta Arenas. There are two trails, and the Cerro Mirador Ski Center is also within the reserve.
Annual rainfall is between 490 and 830 mm, with an average temperature of 4º C.

The Las Lengas trail is 3.6 km long. Here you can appreciate the difference between forest with and without an appropriate management plan. Two species predominate in the forest: coigüe and lenga.
The Mirador trail, 1 km long, follows the course of the Río de las Minas through native forest. In autumn the varied colors of the different species make a beautiful sight.

There is a side trail which leads south and runs through the Andino sector, 7 km from Punta Arenas. There are camping areas and shelters. At km 9, on the top and sides of Monte Fenton, is the Cerro Mirador Ski Center.

The vegetation is that of magellanic forest with abundant coigüe and lenga. The fauna includes the gray fox, Culpeo fox, puma etc.

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