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Lake Jeinimeni National Park

It is situated 65 Km south of Chile Chico and comprises a surface area of158 860 hectares. It is a mountainous area with an impressive amount of native vegetation and numerous species of birds like flamingos and black-neck swans.

It has a camping and picnic area and you can also go horseback riding through the glacier zones. It is an excellent place for fishing. 
As you advance 2km into the park you will find the lake’s drainage area which covers 550 hectares. It is surrounded by forest, its edge is stony and the water is turquoise.
Further inland you can visit the Hands Cave, where you will find the largest concentration of Telhuelche rock paintings in the area.  There are ravines from which you can see the old horseback route that was used to reach Chacabuco Valley. 
The Flamingo Lagoon is also situated in the park,10 km after the Cardenio brook. It  has a large  bird population. 
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