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Laguna Torca National Reserve


This national reserve lies 16 km north of Vichuquén and 108 km from Curicó. It covers a total area of 604 hectares, and is declared a Nature Sanctuary.

This reserve is made up of 3 sectors: Bosque de Llico (Wood of Llico), Laguna Torca (Torca Lagoon) and Isla Cerrillos (Cerrillos Island).

The fauna is made up of black-necked swans, ducks and taguas, snails and insects, as well as pejerreyes and mullet. There is a huge variety of birdlife in the reserve, with over 70 recognized species. Of the flora there, the species of submerged aquatic plants stand out, and there are a great number of rushes and reeds on the banks of the lagoon. As well as the many species of birds, the lagoon is populated by fish such as liza, Chilean pejerrey, tench, carp and Argentinean pejerrey. Amongst the animals, the most noteworthy are the coypu, fox and quique (type of weasel).

The administration of the reserve is found 3 km from the village of Llico. It has an environmental information center and picnic areas.

You can reach the reserve from Curicó via a road that passes through the town of Hualañé, after that you must take a detour towards the seaside town of Bucalemu, then along this road you will find the turn-off towards the Reserve.

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