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Geography of the Chilean Antarctic

The Chilean Antarctic, with a surface of 1,250,000 km², has very fragmented coasts and comprises:

To the east, la Barrera de Hielos Larsen, the Weddell Sea and the Islas Vega, Seymour, Ross, Cerro Nevado and Robertson, and all the islands that extend to the south beyond the 53º west meridian.

The great peninsula of Tierra de O’Higgins, with its neighboring islands and islets, are, in fact, the continuation of the Andes, called “Antartandes” by some authors.

To the north are the Islas Piloto Pardo, Clarence, Dundee, Joinville and D’Urville.

To the north west are the Islas Shetland del Sur, which are composed of the Islas Rey Jorge, Nelson, Robert, Greenwich, Livingston, Decepción and Snow.

To the west is the mar de Bellingshausen, and the lands that extend to the south, as far west as the 90º west meridian, with the Islas Smith, Palmer, Low, Trinidad, Bravante, Anvers, Renaud, Serrano, Biscoe, Adelaida, Alejandro and Charcot.

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