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Expo Sofo in Temuco

One of the development events for commerce in the south is Araucanía International Agro-food Fair Expo-Sofo  (La Feria Internacional Agroalimentaria de la Araucanía Expo- Sofo). It has been expanding for over 70 years (since 1919) and is held in the Charles Caminondo Echart Park in the 9th Region in the city of Temuco.
The Agricultural, Livestock, Industrial and Commercial Exhibition (La Exposición Agrícola Ganadera, Industrial y Comercial) is held during the second week of November and involves an international breeders competition, conferences, seminars, machinery demonstrations and client visits, not to mention the other activities which take place during the five days.
The organisers estimate that an average of 35 000 people attend the event and each year the numbers have risen considerably. Therefore, it could soon reach international recognition and become one of the most important exhibitions of its kind.
The economic sectors targeted by these two events are agriculture, livestock, forestry, industry, commerce, education and the Government. However, the organizers specifically take into account the following sectors: financial services, machinery, equipment, technology and supplies for agriculture, forestry, industry and commerce; animal genetics (bovine, equine, camelid and ovine); educational and governmental institutions; consultancies and personal services; land transport and communications, amongst others.
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