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Edmundo Winkler Reserve Forest

The University of Chile’s Faculty of Forestry Science, which is located at the end of Caupolicán Street, owns 33 hectares which were donated by Edmundo Winkler in the 60’s and which nowadays comprise a park full of forest species with its own nursery. A path takes you through the native forest which is conserved almost exactly as it would have been before the Colonization, along with some areas that have been renovated and some exotic plantations which allow visitors to research the different forest species.

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Frutillar is the ¨Edmundo Winkler Experimental Reserve Forest¨, also known as the Remembrance Forest, which was created to preserve the different varieties of the local, native trees and bushes. 
Visitors can appreciate and find out specific details of the tree species in the native forest, most of them are an excellent quality, noble wood.
The public can enjoy the full extent of the greenery and rich vegetation in the forest as well as an exhibition installed with 12 panels describing all of the relevant information on the botanical characteristics of the types of leaves, flowers, fruit and the anatomical background of the wood.
There is an impressive and interesting exhibit of colour photographs, cut up into microscopic pieces and set on slabs of polished wood. The subject matter is informative as it mentions the growth aspects, geographical distribution, weight and the most common uses of the wood and it also provides samples of the seeds and branches and photographs that show the species precise habits.  
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