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Cueva del Milodón


24 km to the north of Puerto Natales, past Puerto Prat. This is a huge cave where in 1896 a piece of skin of a milodón, an extinct prehistoric animal, was found.

You can enter by car as far as the look-out point, and from there continue on foot along the cement path which takes you to the cavern, 30 meters high, 70 meters wide and 200 meters deep, on the slopes of Cerro Benítez.

The pieces of skin found in 1896 by Captain Eberhard were in a remarkable state of preservation. There were hair, bones and excrement of the milodón.
It is formed by three caves and the rocky conglomerate Silla del Diablo. It is an area of transition between the steppe and the forest, which makes it a very attractive spot.

It was declared a Historical Monument in 1968 and is in the process of becoming a Natural Monument.

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