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Codpa is located 110 km south of Arica, at an altitude of 2,050m above sea level. Long ago, during the pre-Hispanic period, it was the residence of the cacique of “Altos de Arica” who ruled over Socorama, Putre, Livilcar, Tignamar, and other communities.

It is located on the headwaters of the river Vítor, which ensures a supply of extremely pure water. The land is very fertile, producing avocados, guavas, quinces, citrus fruits and the grapes typical of the area, from which the traditional wine pintatani is produced.

Here you will find the Church of San Martín de Tours, which was an important missionary center during the colonial period, as from 1668. The height of the original building was seven meters, but at the end of the 19th Century it was lowered. It is built of adobe and dressed stone, and the altar is decorated with a stone reredos and religious paintings.

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