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Church of Santa María de Loreto of Achao

Located in front of the Achao square, 25 km from Dalcahue, this is the oldest church of the region still standing. On 10 December each year Santa María de Loreto is celebrated.

It is known that its nave was built around 1740 and that the façade was later remodeled, with the aim of resembling the Church of Quinchao. It’s designed in Baroque style.

The central vault is sectioned into five channels with caskets, with carvings, with a wooden altarpiece located behind the altar made by the Franciscan Missionary Alfonso Reyna. Its columns portray the Judgment of Solomon, with plant motives. The church was built without nails, as it was put together using wooden pegs.

It was declared a National Monument in 1951 and a World Heritage site in December 2000.

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