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Church of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores of Dalcahue

Located in the Plaza of Dalcahue, its main fiesta takes place on 15 September in honor of its patron saint. It was founded in 1849, declared a National Monument on 26 July 1971 and a World Heritage site in December 2000.

It was built on the spot where previously there had been a Jesuit chapel, and it is located opposite the channel that separates the Isla Grande of Chiloé from the island of Quinchao.

It is covered with panels of alerce wood, it has a deep portico with nine arches and the side and front windows are preserved. Of note on the inside is a polychrome image of Christ crucified, hinged at the armpits.

The style of this church is neoclassical and it is made out of cypress, coigüe wood and stone bases. There are ornamental stones all around that give the place the feel of a little museum.

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