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Church of Colo

Located in the town of Colo, on the Isla Grande de Chiloé. The patron saint of the church is San Antonio and its festival takes place on 13 June.

This is one of the hardest churches to access, as it is in such an isolated location, and it is believed to have been founded in the 18th Century.

Its structure is very rustic, with stone bases that bear the whole structure. The tower has two octagonal shaped silver bells, the portico has thick pillars, with half-point arches. There are horizontal tablets of alerce wood and wood woven panels.

The church stands on top of a hill, making it one of few that is not connected to the sea. It is located at a south westerly point, with its back to the ocean, next to the cemetery. It is not thought to have undergone any major renovations since it was built, although there is no information available to confirm this.

It was declared a National Monument on 10 August 1999 and a World Heritage site in December 2000.

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