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Cabo de Hornos National Park


The park includes parts of Tierra del Fuego, the Wollaston Archipelago, and the Hermite group of islands. Unique resources which require the application of special protection policies are to be found there, and the park was created for this purpose in 1945.

It covers an area of 63,093 hectares, at a general altitude of 220 meters, with the exception of Cerro Pirámide, which has an altitude of 406 meters.
Its main characteristic is the presence of tuberous vegetable formations, and the cold Cape Horn desert; this is associated with the existence of a wild fauna community in need of protection, such as the coscoroba swan, condor, red-legged cormorant etc.

Cape Horn is an important nesting site for Magellanic and Antarctic penguins.
The park can only be reached by sea. Inquiries about excursions and trips must be made in Puerto Williams.

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