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Border Crossings Nearby Pucón


Mamuil Malal Crossing
At an altitude of 1,208 meters above sea level, it is safe to cross all year round. The distance between Pucón and Junín de los Andes is 150km, which you can cover in around 3 hours.

Icalma Crossing
This crossing sits at an altitude of 1,298 meters above sea level. It’s the most direct way of getting from Temuco to Zapala, only 254 km away. As it’s a gravel road in the border area, it’s recommended to use this crossing only in summer.

Pino Hachado Crossing
This is an asphalt road reaching 1,884 mts. above sea level, about 40 kms of the road are above the snow level. The total distance between Curacautín and Zapala is 241km. In winter, if you are crossing for the first time, or as a tourist, it’s preferable for safety reasons to use another crossing.

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