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Big Salt Flat


It’s located at 89 km. from Iquique and 26 km from Puerto de Patillos, in a depression of the Coast Cordillera, and its aproximated dimensions are 6 km. width, 40 km. long and 100 mts. depth.

This salt flat represents one of the most touching landscapes of the Farth North region, with turquoise coloured lagoons, desert mountains and an absolutely clear sky. Here you can see great mountains of sodium chloride (99.9% pure), a mineral which is mined in this sector, making it the biggest open cast mine of common salt in the world. Due to this, it supplies large quantities of the mineral for sale both in Chile and abroad (North America, Europe and Asia).

It is not possible to visit the mine, but you can go across its surroundings and even find some native animals.


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