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Attractions around Pucón

Trancura Alto River
The river is born from the Quillehue Lake and its waters are clean and crystalline. It is well known as a river for rafting, which begins about 14 kms. East of Pucón. The descent from the upper part of the river takes approximately 3 hours from when you leave Pucón until your return. The rafting on the upper part of the river, known as Alto Trancura, takes about one and half hours, and has some strong rapids.

Trancura Bajo River
The lower descent is ideal for family trips as it has exciting rapids but they are not considered very dangerous. These rapids are mostly grade 2 or 3, with wonderful views as the river flows down beautiful forests. It is also a great place to go flyfishing in the area. The moderate rapids are safe for children over 10 years old who can swim.

In Pucón there are many options for rafting tours all year around.

Liucura River
In the Metreñehue sector rafting activity goes on during the winter time, the river providing grade 3 descents, but in the summer the flow is very gentle. You can contract rafting activities in Pucón itself.

Villarrica Volcano
It is 9 kms from Pucón, and is 2,847 meters high. It is currently active, and its crater is only 200mts wide in diameter. The crater has a lava lake which has a temperature of 1,250ºC producing puffs of smoke constantly. The volcano has a large glacier covering about 40 kms. ² which is on the extreme northeast, facing an impressive line of volcanoes, El Mocho, Quetrupillánm Quinquilil and Lanín. The Villarica Volcano has been know to erupt at least 59 times, the main eruptions this century were 1908, 1920, 1948, 1949, 1963, 1971 y 1984-85.

There are about 700 mts. of volcanic caves where one can view the physical makeup of the soils. These are lit up and have staircases to provide visitors closer views. They are run by a Volcanic Information Center which also has a café. There is a small entrance fee, and they are open all year round. The viewing of the caves takes place with a professional guide and is done in a secure fashion.

Los Pozones Hot Springs
These are 36 Kms. from Pucón and 136 Kms. from Temuco, next to the Liucura River. The temperature of these natural waters can reach up to vary between 30 and 42º C. It includes a rustic building for changing. The baths are open to the public 24 hours a day, throughout the year. You can go by taxi from Pucón, they will wait for you. Once you arrive to get to the baths you must climb down a 100 meter stairway.

Quetrupillán Volcano
This volcano is 2,360 mts high. It is a volcano that covers a large area, its lava flows reaching into the Palguín River Valley, where their erosion has created several waterfalls such as the Salto de La China and El León. Currently this volcano is dormant.

Volcanic Caves
Located about 10 kms from Pucón on a gravel road, these volcanic caves cover about 700 mts. You can view the physical makeup of the soils. These are lit up and have staircases to provide visitors closer views. They are run by a Volcanic Information Center which also has a café. There is a small entrance fee, and they are open all year round. The viewing of the caves takes place with a professional guide and is done in a secure fashion. You will be provided with a safety helmet. The tour takes about 45 to 50 minutes.

Caburga Lake
This is 24kms from Pucón and covers an area of approximately 53 Kms2.
It is surrounded by beautiful forested landscape which reaches right down to the lakes, with good views of the Villarica and Lanin volcanoes. They include extensive beaches with transparent waters which are apt for swimming and there are numerous camping areas.

Its beaches are small and somewhat rocky. The main beaches are the Blanca, because of its yellowish sand, which is about 500 meters long, and the Negra, which is about 5kms. long. The lake can be reached from Temuco going south, via Freire, Villarrica and then Pucón. The road is paved all the way.

Tilquilco Lake
This is about 30 kms from Pucón near the National Park Huerquehue, to the east of the Caburga lake. It can be reached by car, and once there you can rent a boat, camp, swim and fish.

Huifiuca Lake
This lake is located south of Curarrehue inside the Villarica National Park, at the base of the Lanin Volcano. It has beaches and is fine for swimming. It can be reached by dirt road which turns of in Los Cajones.

Palguín Hot Springs
These are thermals whose waters fluctuate between 25º C y 57º C. They are volcanic waters which are considered to have beneficial effects in treating persons with rheumatism, respiratory diseases, heart problems, digestive problems or skin problems.

It has a total of 15 thermal pools, which are within wooden or cement huts, the pools being dug naturally into the ground. It also has a covered area with 5 baths at a temperature of 35º C and a large heated pool in the open air. Its installations include a hotel which can take up to 89 people in rooms with shared bathrooms, and in a more modern building, there are 10 rooms with private baths which can take up to 30 people.

These thermals are immersed in a beautiful forested mountain landscape, with numerous waterfalls and a river.

San Luis Hot Springs
These thermals have 12 natural springs providing water which fluctuates between 25º y 45º C. They are recommended for the treatment of nefritis, rheumatism, as well as to help with skin problems. The thermal pools are set in wooden huts and are made of cement.

Menetue Hot Springs
There are a total of 12 baths which are fed from the Perfin spring, and its temperature fluctuates between 36º y 46º C. They are recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, and skin problems, as well as digestive problems.

The instalations consist of 8 wooden hutls which contain a total of 12 pools, and you can also rent cabins here.

Liucura Hot Springs
These are 19 kms. from Pucon and 119 kms. from Temuco. Take the road to Caburgua, then on Km. 14, immediately after the Liucura bridge take a right for 4 kms, along the river. The temperature of the baths fluctuate between 23º C y 30º C

It owns about 200 acres of land open to the use of its visitors, where you can enjoy long walks. It includes an open air swimming pool, and indoor pool, a thermal bath next to the river and another which is a mixture of water and mud. It also has a cafeteria, dormitories, a food store, and a camping site next to the river.

Recuerdo de Ancamil Hot Springs
Located 44 kms. from Pucón, 4 kms. from Currarrehue, and 144 kms from Temuco, it includes 8 thermal pools. One of them is inside a natural cave and the others are in wooden huts. There is also a natural pool, as well as several mud thermals, and the facilities include chaning rooms. The temperature of the water is generall about 37º C. It includes space for camping and playing areas, as well as two fully equipped cabins for 6 people each. They are about 1 km before reaching Currarehue on the road from Pucón. They are open all year, and are easily accessible.

Ojos de Caburgua
These are 15 Km from Pucón and 4 Kms. to the south of Caburgua Lake in the El Cristo sector. It is basically a large pool surrounded by native forest, into which several waterfalls flow, providing great force. There are camping and picnic facilities. There is a small entrance fee.

Carileufu Waterfall
This is located near the Ojos de Caburgua. It is a beautiful waterfall with enjoyable walks to reach it. There is a small entrance fee.

Claro Waterfall
This is 6 Km from Pucón on the international road, next to the Turbio river. It is the largest in area, and drops approximately 90 meters.

Palguin, La China, El Rosario, El León, La Turbina Waterfalls
These are all in the Palguín area, and have varying heights. They are surrounded by exhuberant vegetation, and are reached on the road from Pucón to The Palguín Thermal Pools.

Quimey Co Hot Springs
These are located near Huife about 30 Kms. northeast from Pucón. The temperature of the water is between 40º C and 60º C, and they are open all year round. They have a rustic bath, and a campsite surrounded by native forest. They also have a picnic area and a restaurant with local food. They are reached on the international road coming from Pucón, you need to turn after 14kms. and then travel another 17kms on a gravel road. The waters are recommend for arthritis, rheumatism, and tiredness.

Located 11 Kms. from Pucón, this town was founded in 1552 by Gerónimo de Alderete, with the objective of exploiting gold and consolidating a winter route through to the Pampas and the Atlantic coast.
It is situated on the edge of the lake which goes by the same name, and is a stopping place for many tourists heading to Pucón, Lican Ray or the Villarrica volcano.
The town includes a lake side road, a Mapuche Indigenous Fair, A Mapuche Cultural Centre, a Museum and a Cathedral

The prinicipal activities take place during the summer months, between January and March, when the tourist influx increases.

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