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Attractions around Pica


Gólgota del Reencuentro
This is a sanctuary close to Matilla, a few kilometers from Pica, where various scenes from the life of Christ are depicted. Those which have been completed to date are the Crucifixion and the Holy Sepulcher. The construction of a Baptism and a Last Supper are planned for the future.

Caravan trail from Pica to Casma with Apachetas (sacred cairns)
This trail between Pica and Casma formed a part of the network of paths which linked the oases and valleys of Pica, Casma, Mamiña, Macaya and Tarapacá. Along its course, indicated by white stones, can be found markers and apachetas. The pass was in use during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

It is at an altitude of 1,160 meters above sea level and is a little village located in an oasis. It dates from 1760, when a group of townspeople from Pica established the village here. At that time, its principal product was wine, and when the vineyards were destroyed, the village fell into ruin.

Huasco Salt Flat
This salt flat is about 55 kilometers to the east of Pica. The main attractions of this salt flat are the lagoons covering its surface, whose waters various fauna rely on to survive. On the banks of the lagoons the watering holes sustain the camelids that inhabit the sector.

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