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Attractions around Antofagasta


Punta Angamos Viewpoint
Located 80 km north of Antofagasta and 15 km from Mejillones, is a beautiful vantage point, from which you can see the whole site of the Battle of Punta Angamos, during the Pacific War. From here you can also see the sea-lion colonies with great numbers of these animals.

Las Tortugas Viewpoint
Is located 3 km north of Mejillones and 68 km from Antofagasta, and is home to some 25 to 30 turtles of the green turtle species. This phenomenon has occurred since 1998 and it is assumed that it is due to the favorable environmental conditions.

Tropic of Capricorn Milestone Museum
This work of architecture is located 25 km north of Antofagasta, in front of the Cerro Moreno Airport. It is 13 meters high and weighs 500 tons, and marks the solstices and equinoxes. Its construction was commissioned by the Antofagasta Rotary Club and it was inaugurated on December 21st 2000.

Hornitos Beach
This 5 km beach, located 25 km from Mejillones and 90 km north of Antofagasta in a sheltered bay, are well known for having fine sand, warm sea water and scarcely any swell. The place is surrounded by holiday houses because is a good family destination, suitable bathing, fishing, sports and camping.

Chacaya Beach
This beach is 79 km north of Antofagasta and it’s a good place to rest, sunbathe and fish. It is also suitable for bathing and sports.

Santa María Island
The island lies 45 km to the north west of Antofagasta and offers a beautiful landscape, with a beach is suitable for fishing. There is also good diving because of the transparency of the water and the variety of marine fauna and flora.

Juan López Beach
This beach is located 38 km north of Antofagasta. It is a sheltered beach with fine sand and with magnificent warm, calm waters. It is 1 km long and is suitable for sports, and for fishing and bathing.

La Rinconada Beach
It’s a quiet beach, located 65 km north of Antofagasta and 4 km west of Mejillones, just beside Cerro San Luciano. It is suitable for fishing and sports, and you can also make excursions in the surrounding areas to see the local fauna and flora, such as seagulls, crabs and sea-lions.

Los Gringos Beach
This beach is located 11 km south of Antofagasta. It is suitable for bathing and is much frequented during the summer because of the excellent conditions it offers.

El Huáscar Beach
Surrounded by rocks and highly frequented on the weekends, this beach is located 12 km south of Antofagasta. There are many holiday houses in the sector because it is suitable for bathing and for sports. There is also a camping area, kiosk and lifeguard.

Amarilla (yellow) Beach
This beach is located 15 km south of Antofagasta and consists on a large bay, suitable for bathing and sport fishing off the beach. Other watersports can also be practiced and it has camping area and kiosks.

Coloso Small Cove
Located 18 km south of Antofagasta, this beach was an important port during the Nitrates period. Nowadays, you can enjoy seafood caught by traditional local fishermen, there are basic services and is suitable for bathing.

El Cobre Small Cove
Suitable for fishing, this beach is located 101 km south of Antofagasta and the acces is through a gravel road.

Blanco Encalada Small Cove
Suitable for fishing, this beach is located 101 km south of Antofagasta and the acces is through a gravel road. It’s part of an adventure route known by mountain cyclists.

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