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Altos del Lircay National Park

This is 66 km east of Talca and 47 km from San Clemente. It encompasses 12 163 hectares and hunting and fishing is banned in the area. It was created in 1996.
The Environmental Information Centre is at the park entrance and it exhibits samples of flora and fauna from the area. The highest sector of the park reaches 2 228 metres above sea level and borders the northern side of the River Lircay which flows along a channelled riverbed formed by volcanic lava. 
The park has a characteristic climate given that it`s conditions produce a microclimate. This allows the growth of native species such as the hualo, coigüe, raulí, lenga, mountain cypress and the laurel.
You can bathe in volcanic lava pools and go for short walks to the tacit stones or the Indian`s viewpoint. You can visit the River Lircay, la Quebrada Los Coigües or some areas of archaeological interest like La Piedra los Platos. There are also three walking trails: to the Laguna del Alto, the Enladrillado and the Valle del Venado.
The best time of the year to visit the park is autumn and spring as there are not as many visitors. You can camp in the park even though there are no official campsite facilities.
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