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Alerce Andino National Park


This national park lies 46 km east of Puerto Montt and covers 39,255 hectares. It is between 0 and 1.558 meters above sea level and is located on the southern side of Lago Chapo, near the bay and estuary of Reloncaví.
In the park, there are about 20,000 hectares of native forest, consisting mainly of alerce (fitzroyia cupressoides) and other evergreen species such as coigüe, lenga, mañío, tineo, canelo and tepa.

There are camping and administration areas and a secure area. You can carry out activities such as trekking, photography and the observation of the local wildlife in the more than 50 lakes in the park.

Among the local mammals residing in the area, you can spot Chilean deer, pumas, pudú, zorro chilla and the chingue. As for bird-life, of particular interest are the condor, carpintero negro, huet-huet, martín pescador, peuco and the pato real.

You can visit the waterfall on the Río Chaicas, Chaiquenes lake, El Triángulo lake, Sargazo lake and river, Laguna Fría and the Lago Chapo, Baños de Sotomó and the Reloncaví Estuary.

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