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National Park La Laja

 This park, complete with cabins, camping and picnic areas, covers 11 889 hectares.

It also comprises ski runs on the Antuco Volcano and a team of forest rangers that organize programmed excursions. It is located in the Andean foothills, east of the city Los Angeles, and it was created in 1958.
From the entrance you will be able to see a valley closed in by a volcanic covering, which retains the Laja lagoon. Water from the lagoon flows underground into the Saltos de las Chilcas and the Torbellino and then transforms into the river Laja.
The Laja and Trubunleo rivers are the supply rivers of the hyroelectric complex formed by the Antuco, El Toro and El Abanico stations.
Precipitations take place between June and September and may come in the form of snow and rain.
The vegetation typical in this area is the characteristic cypress forest of the Andean foothills. Along with this forest, it is possible to find examples of monkey-puzzle trees, which are an endangered tree species, Chubut maitén, radal enano and maihueina.
The most abundant fauna in the area are birds; there is a great variety of species, the most noticeable are the bandurria, the condor and the Andean seagull. In terms of mammals, which are scarce, there are vizcachas, pumas, culpeo foxes and chillas. 
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