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Wine Route in the Valley of Curicó


Situated 67 km north of Talca and 23 km southeast of Los Niches, this route passes through 16 vineyards of the towns of Curicó, Sagrada Familia and Molina. Its commercial offices are found in the city of Curicó.

The Route of Wine of the Valley of Curicó offers guided tours of the vineyards, where you can learn about wine-making process, the packing room, labeling, and tasting of wines for exportation, all in a fantastic setting.

You can take photographs inside and outside in authorized places. You can also take contemplative walks to see animals and foliage out in the wild countryside.

The office is located at calle Merced 341. Their website is www.rvvc.cl, e-mail: info@rvvc.cl. Open to the public all year round.

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