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Where to go on Chiloé Island?

The city of Ancud is located 87 kilometres to the south of Puerto Montt, and offers a range of attractions for the visitor:
The port and the waterfront esplanade (Costanera); the Ancud Regional Museum “Museoazul”; the Cathedral; the church of San Francisco; the Golfo Quetalmahue; the San Antonio Fort with its powder magazine; the Arena Gruesa bathing resort; the look-out point on Cerro Huaihuén which offers an extensive view of the city; the Canal de Chacao; Cochinos island; the Corona lighthouse with its ruined forts and batteries; the Pudeto river anchorage with its big pontoons and the fishing and yacht harbour.

The commune of Quemchi is located 144 kilometres from Puerto Montt, in the north-east of Chiloé Island, and the attractions which it offers include:
The Huite stream, Aucho river, Pinquén beach, Queude beach, Popetán lake, Colo river, the Island of Aucar and the village of Quicaví. From Quicaví starts the quickest route by boat to the Chauques Islands (Cheniao, Voigue, and Añihue), the Butachauques Islands (Metahue, Aulín, San José, Coneb, Maluco and Nayahue), and the Tac Islands with their marvellous protected sea, one to two hours sailing time away, where contact with nature and the abundant wealth of the sea are part of every stop.

The principal access to Quemchi is by Ruta 5, forty kilometres from Ancud. Turn off at the Degán crossroads and 23 kms of modern paved road will open up a thousand views of the landscape and a protected area of sea, particularly the islands sector with the islands of Mechuque, Metahue, Tac etc.

Located 152 kilometres from Puerto Montt, Dalcahue’sattractions include its church and the waterfront esplanade or “Costanera”. Here you will find the Dalcahue Cultural Centre, consisting of a library and the interesting Etnographical and Historical Musem. There is also the Handicrafts fair, the village of San Juan, the Tocoihue waterfall and the village of Tanaún.

Quinchao is located 173 kilometres from Puerto Montt and its attractions for the visitor include the look-out points of La Paloma, Putique and Quinchao; Achao church; the museums of the conversion of Achao to Christianity; an exhibition of photographs; the Chaulinec islands; the Quenac islands; Lil Lin island; Llingua island; Quinchao church; and the Piedra de Achao look-out point.

Puqueldón is located 173 kilometres from Puerto Montt and its attractions for the visitor include the look-out points of the Lourdes Grotto, Puchilco, Camino Cortado and Cerro “La Mona”; also the lakes of Puchilco and “Los Cuervos” and the beaches of Guiñai, Marico and Aldachildo.

Chonchi is located 173 kilometres from Puerto Montt and its attractions for the visitor include the town itself, the church of San Carlos de Borromeo, the Vilupulli chapel, the cemetery and the “Museum of Traditions”.

Queilen is located 230 kilometres from Puerto Montt, facing the mouth of the long Compu stream, which ends in a beautiful, long, sandy point, separating the Queilen Channel from the Golfo de Corcovado.

In Queilen you can visit the “Seamen’s Refuge”, the beaches of Queilén and Lelbun, the villages of Aituy and Agoní, the Paildad stream, Acui island, the Pio-Pio lake and Tranqui island.

This town, located 251 kilometres from Puerto Montt, marks the end of the Pan American highway and is a great centre of industrial and fishing activity. Sights for the visitor include the village of Auchac, the port of Quellón, the Llauquil handicrafts fair, the “Museo Inchin Cuivi Ant” (Museum of our past), the Municipal museum, the village of Yaldad, Chaiguao beach and the Austral islands.

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