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Where to go in San Pedro de Atacama?

Gustavo Le Paige Archeological Museum

Outside is a statue of the founder, Father Gustavo Le Paige S.J. It was he who started a collection of various items of Andean culture, which he later donated to the Universidad del Norte for the construction of the musem. Inside is a display showing the evolution of Andean culture over more than eleven thousand years. The items include pieces of ceramic, mummies, clothing etc. The greatest attraction in the museum is the mummy known as “Miss Chile”, found in the Atacama Desert.

The Inca House

This is the oldest building in the town. It is made with tree-trunks, branches and straw, with a two-pitched roof, and is typical of Inca architecture.

Catarpe Inca Administrative Centre

Consists of a group of pircas, square structures built out of stones cemented with mortar. It is located on a fluvial terrace covered with huevillo. Nearby is the chapel of San Isidro, erected in 1913.

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