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Where to go in Puerto Saavedra?


Ruka Witral
The name in Mapudungún (the Mapuche language), stands for “the house of the loom”. It is a sales and tourist information office. Visitors can buy looms, tapestry, ponchos and handbags. Other articles such as clay handicrafts made of natural clay from the zone, metahue (pottery) and flowerpots, and baskets made of chupón and pita fiber can also be bought here.

Rayen Mawida
The name in the Mapuche language means “flower of trees”. Here the visitor will find picnic facilities and excursions available, and provisions for sale. It is located at km 21 on the road from Puerto Saavedra to Puaucho. Guided excursions, observation of flora and fauna, typical food, medicinal herbs and fishing are also available here.

Oño Oñoco
Its name in the Mapuche language means “returning water”. It is a handicraft workshop and point of sale located at km 19 on the road from Puerto Saavedra to Puaucho. In this workshop you can buy natural woolen goods such as socks, caps and sweaters, and also basketwork of coiron fiber, baskets, doormats and wicker baskets. Typical food such as catutos (a kind of bread in the shape of cone, made of boiled and ground wheat), tortillas, mote con huesillo, and muday (a Mapuche alcoholic drink made of fermented maize).

Llepu Filu
The name in the Mapuche language stands for “valley of the snake”. This beautiful spot has a picnic area, and is located at km 15 on the road from Puerto Saavedra to Puaucho. Here you can find lodging in rukas (Mapuche huts) with toilets and showers, typical food, an open fire in the ruka, tastings, workshops, guided tours in boats and wampo (Mapuche canoe) and horse riding. You can also take part in forestry and agricultural activities.

Ruka Lafken Lewfu
The name in the Mapuche language means “house between the lake and the sea” This place offers handicrafts, picnic areas, excursions, horse riding facilities, boat tours and the sale of typical products. It is located at km 10 on the road from Puerto Saavedra to Puaucho.

Kümke Lewfu
The name in the Mapuche language stands for “refuge on the lake”. It is located at km 12 on the road from Puerto Saavedra to Puaucho. It is a camping area which also offers picnic facilities, excursions, boat tours and ox-cart tours amongst other attractions.

Newen Lewfu
The name in the Mapuche language means “strength of the lake”. It is situated at km 5 on the road from Puerto Saavedra to Conin Budi, Isla Huapi. Traditional handicrafts such as basketwork in coiron and chupón ‘llepus, baskets and breadbaskets’ are on offer here.

Balneario Los Pinos
This beach resort was created as the result of a dune retrieval project, located in front of Puerto Saavedra. It is a place for the family with a beautiful camping area protected from the sea breeze. It is especially attractive for children because of its shallow waters. Water sports and sailing can also be practiced here. Because of the flow of the tides the natural swimming pool changes its waters every 6 hours. The beach can be accessed from Villa Maule along a road in good condition. The resort has drinking-water, a camping area, lifeguards and shops to ensure you an enjoyable stay.

You can get to Barra by walking northwards along the beach from the city until you reach the point where river Imperial meets the sea. This is the reason for its name, which means ‘the bar’. Before the tidal wave of 1960 the mouth of the river was located next to Cerro Maule and was the entrance for ships going into Puerto Saavedra.

Cerro Mirador
Also known as Cerro Maule, from the top you can enjoy a panoramic view of Puerto Saavedra. There is a view out to sea, and you can also see Isla Mocha, located far away to the north. Access is via the road to Lago Budi, south of Puerto Saavedra.

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