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Where to go in Licán Ray?


Calafquén Lake
Located 30 km south of Villarrica and 17 km northeast of Panguipulli. The lake has a surface area of approximately 180 km², with 7 small islands, including Trailafquén, Balboa, Los Monos and Las Cuevas. It has a lovely beach, but lacks any kind of tourist infrastructure.

La Península
A lovely place with abundant vegetation, prominently conifers and other types of wild trees. You can find small beaches on its banks, each with their own charms, very beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear waters and privacy. Viewpoints at both ends of the peninsula give a view of Licán Ray, the lake and the islands. Located between Playa Grande (Large Beach) and Playa Chica (Small Beach), there is access to both beaches.

Cacique Puñuleff Promenade
Here you will find motels, restaurants and cafeterias. It runs alongside Playa Grande. You can hire boats and inflatables.

Felipe Manquel Promenade
Located next to the little bay with a lovely beach, where the port and quay of the old hamlet used to be. The only store and boarding house of the town used to stand to the left of the avenue, on the corner of the beach. The quay, filled with yachts and motor boats, is on the right.

El Embarcadero (The Pier)
Located at the beginning of Playa Chica, at the feet of the Peninsula. It is an attractive place because of the number of boats there, some of them very pretty and colorful. It is a good place for taking a walk and taking in, from the bottom, the sight of the Escorial and the Lanín Volcano.

Playa Grande
Running parallel to calle Costanera Punulef, this beach starts at the entrance to the Peninsula and stretches more than 1km. It is suitable for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. It is a unique spot, very different from the other seaside resorts of the zone.

Playa Chica
Running parallel to calle Costanera, beginning at the Peninsula and stretching to the other side of the river Mililahuen. Like Playa Grande, it is suitable for swimming, but is mainly used for water sports. From here you can get on a catamaran and take a trip around the lake, taking in the most noteworthy places of Licán Ray. You will see sights such as the Escorial and the Lanín Volcano.

Located some 6km from Licán Ray, this place marks the boundary of the IX Region. You can follow a walk along the flow of the lava river. As you climb, the rocks become more rugged and grow in height. If you wish, you can drive or cycle to the Challupen bridge. From there you can see the petrified lava more clearly.

River Liquiñe Hot Springs
Located in the Valley of Liquiñe, there are open air pools with waters enriched with various minerals such as sulfur, iron, copper and potassium. There are also cabañas for a maximum of 50 people, and a place serving food and drinks.

Pellaifa Hot Springs
Located on the shores of lake Pellaifa, these are beautiful natural thermal springs. There is a cafeteria, two thermal pools, mud baths and wooden tubs. These springs are located 16 km from Coñaripe in a beautiful, natural setting.

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