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Where to go in Coñaripe?


Pullinque Lake
A small lake, scattered with small islands, with a surface area of 5.77km² surrounded by very beautiful countryside. The hills that surround it are cut by glacial effects. Strange stone and clay humps rise out of the valley, Drumlins, deposited by the rivers that run below the glaciers.

The main attractions are the Pullinque Hydroelectric Power Station and some fish farms in the sector.

Calafquén Lake
Located 17 km northeast of Panguipulli, the lake has a surface area of 121 km² and a width of 7 km, and is characterized by its 7 small islands including Trailafquén, Balboa, Los Monos and Las Cuevas. It has a lovely beach, but it lacks any kind of tourist infrastructure.

Pellaifa Lake
Situated 5 km from Calafquén Lake , the shores are rocky, with lush vegetation. The lake’s main attraction is a small beach with a huge number of sunken trees in the water. You can also reach the lake from Coñaripe.

Vergara Hot Springs
Located 14 km from Coñaripe, these thermal pools can be found surrounded by beautiful countryside and inside the Villarrica National Park.

Liquiñe River Hot Springs
Located in the Valley of the Liquiñe River, with open air pools filled with waters enriched with various minerals such as sulfur, iron, copper and potassium. There are also cabañas with room for up to 50 people and somewhere to eat and drink.

Manquecura Hot Springs
Located in the Valley of Liquiñe, this is a thermal center with a rustic style, in natural surroundings. Its waters reach temperatures of between 42° and 47°C, and are rich in minerals such as phosphorus, lithium and potassium, helpful for rheumatic illnesses. There is a restaurant and accommodation. From here you can appreciate the Valley of Liquiñe in its immensity.

Coñaripe Hot Springs
This is a tourist center of hot springs with a top class hotel and restaurant. The hot springs are surrounded by lush vegetation of the zone, with thermal pools open 24 hours a day, allowing you to enjoy the experience in the middle of the night.

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