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Wharves and Creeks in Valparaíso


In the wharves and creeks of Valparaíso you can observe the activities of the fishermen, enjoy delicious seafood and fish dishes in the cocinerías (public kitchens) and restaurants which you will find there, or take a boat-trip round the bay.

Muelle Prat

This wharf is located opposite Estación Puerto, with access from the Plaza Sotomayor.

From here you can watch port operations: vessels maneuvering inside the breakwater, mooring and unmooring; and the loading, stowage and discharge of cargo. You can also enjoy a boat-trip round Valparaíso Bay.

Caleta el Membrillo

This creek has been considered the center of activity for the fishermen of the region since colonial times. It owes its name to a quince orchard.

Here you can enjoy a scene full of movement, with the fishing boats, people cleaning the fish and the crowds of sea birds.

During September the Fogata del Pescador (the Fishermen’s Bonfire) occurs; and in June every year St Peter’s Day is celebrated with a procession in which all the boats are decked with flowers.

Caleta de Pescadores Portales

Here you can see fish being cleaned by hand, and the boats and other equipment typically used for fishing. Here also stands the first and only monument in the country dedicated to fishermen.

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