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Viewpoints and Walks in Valparaíso

Mirador Portales
Located on the Cerro Barón, and alongside Avenida Diego Portales, you can get to this viewpoint by using the Barón ascensor or by going up Calle Quillota to Cerro Barón.

The view from here takes in the whole bay and the movement of the ships, with the Paseo Muelle Barón in the foreground. Furthermore, you can also see a large part of the El Almendral barrio, with the central building of the Universidad Católica, the impressive National Congress building and an almost complete view of the neighboring hills.

Paseo Atkinson
Access to this path is by Calle Papudo and along the side of the El Mercurio building, using the Escala Concepción.
From this walk you can get a view over a large part of the city, including the Plaza Aníbal Pinto (previously Plaza del Orden) the Café Riquet and the Intendencia.

Paseo Carvallo
This walk is really a continuation of the Paseo Rubén Darío and winds from Carvallo beach to the beach at Las Torpederas. It is mainly characterized by the rough swell from the south which strikes the rocky outcrops in this area, causing spectacular explosions of waves as they break against the rocks.
From here you can enjoy the view to Piedra Feliz Point, the arrival and departure of big ships in the bay, and the activities of small fishing boats and larger, deep-sea fishing vessels.

Paseo Gervasoni
Access is by the Concepción ascensor and Calle Templeman.
It is believed that its name is derived from the fact that Don Tomás Gervasoni, an Honorary Consul for Italy in Valparaíso, appears to have lived there.

From the viewpoint you can observe part of the bay, some of the cerros, and near at hand, the impressive Reloj Turri.

Paseo Muelle Barón
With the opening of the Paseo Muelle Barón in May 2002 by the President of Chile, Ricardo Lagos, the desire to unite the port and the city was accomplished. Access to the waterfront had been an aspiration of the citizens of Valparaíso ever since the public access to the Costanera had to be closed in 1980.

Nowadays, the Paseo Muelle Barón is a place to relax, offering a complete panoramic view of the city.

Paseo Muelle Prat
This walkway is opposite the towers of the Superintendencia de Aduanas (Customs) and the Capitanía de Puerto (Harbormaster’s Office). It constitutes one of the main attractions of the area where the tourist can watch port operations: vessels maneuvering inside the breakwater, mooring and unmooring; and the loading, stowage and discharge of cargo.

Paseo Rubén Darío
This runs along the coast road from Caleta El Membrillo to the Carvallo beach. The whole trip can be done either on foot or by car. Half-way along the path is a small park which bears the name of Rubén Darío and is characterized by its green areas covered with lawns, trees and flowers.
This path offers an incomparable view and on clear days you can see the whole of Valparaíso Bay, the city, Viña del Mar, the dunes of Montemar and Mantagua and even the chimney of the copper foundry in Ventanas. Inland you can clearly see the Cerro La Campana, the Andes and even Mt Aconcagua.

Paseo Yugoslavo
Only a few streets away from Calle Prat, you can gain access to this path via the El Peral ascensor, or using the steps to the side of it. Another way of reaching it is from Calle Urriola, which leads through Pasaje Apolo to Paseo Yugoslavo.

It was one of the first vewpoints on the Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción to be designated as such.

The view from this walkway is one of the most exceptional, as it looks out over the Plaza Sotomayor. The visitor has a partial view of the activities in the port, with ships lying alongside the different berths; you can also watch the movement of the ships in this, the most important port in the country.

Paseo 21 de Mayo
This is considered one the most attractive viewpoints of the city, with a view over the whole of Valparaíso Bay.

The principal access is the Artillería ascensor, but it is also accessible by walking up Calle Artillería or Calle Orompello.

Huge numbers of both inhabitants of the city and visitors come here every 31st December to take part in the spectacular Año Nuevo en el Mar with which the port welcomes the arrival of the new year.

Paseo Los 14 Asientos
Situated on Cerro Concepción, Los Catorce Asientos (the fourteen seats) are to be found on the wall adjoining the grounds of the Instituto Alemán de Valparaíso. It is also accessible by the Turri ascensor. It is a quiet place, ideal for meeting friends and relaxing.

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