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Located 100 km to the east of Curicó, this is an old town with a population of 531 that still preserves its pretty colonial architecture. It lies on the shores of the lake of the same name, that forms part of the National Reserve Laguna Torca. The town was declared a Typical Zone in 1991.

Originally indigenous and then controlled by the Spanish, the town contains beautiful buildings dating from between 1840 and 1888.

There are good quality hotels, some located beside the lake, and various places to eat. As well as this, there is a very beautiful and peaceful campsite.

Places to Visit in Vichuquén

Museum of History of Vichuquén
Opened in 1991, here you can see a large number of very valuable pieces, especially those from the Inca empire, including ceramics, stone utensils and various other objects.

Vichuquén Lake
A very beautiful, natural lake situated 7 km southeast of Vichuquén. It has a surface area of 40 km2, with warm, semi-salted waters. There are well-developed facilities for tourists, and the conditions are perfect for water sports, sailing, water-skiing, sport fishing, in a wonderful setting, surrounded with wonderful facilities and excellent places to stay. All these things make this a very exclusive holiday resort.

Located 16km northeast of Vichuquén, this is a little cove with a beach and places to stay and eat. This beach, thanks to its large waves, is very popular with surfers and those who want to practice water sports.

This is a calm coastal resort located 23 km northeast of the town of Vichuquén.

Salinas de Boyeruca (Salt Mines of Boyeruca)
Situated 16 km from Vichuquén and 10 km from Llico, this resort is situated at the northernmost coast of the Maule Region. With its traditional salt mining taking place away from the coast, this is a purely rural region, and fishing for fish, seafood and seaweed are popular, together with salt mining. This region is also well known for the breeds of horses that are trained here for racing and Chilean rodeo.

Here it is possible to recapture ancient rural customs like rodeo, dirt tracks and kneaded bread baked in a clay oven. The richness of the area radiates through its arable lands and its people.

Teno has places to say as well as many places where you can try typical cuisine of the area, in a hospitable and peaceful atmosphere.

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