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The Diaguita People

This ancient Amerindian people were settled over the southern part of the American continent, in the areas of Catamarca and La Rioja in Argentina and the region between the Copiapó and Choapa Rivers in Chile. In the bibliography they are frequently mentioned as being of the same culture as the Calchaquíes, since the two peoples shared the same cultural space.

The two tribes share their agricultural base, the types of their villages and dwellings, and their industries, socio-political structure and beliefs, strongly influenced by Pan Andean substrates. They were prolific producers of ceramics, in particular they left an abundance of highly characteristic funeral urns, round-bodied and flat based, with scalloped edges and small looped handles, and decorated with cream, ochre, brown and black paint. These were used to preserve bodies, thought to belong to sacrificed children.

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