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Located 16 km northeast from the city of Concepción, in the bay, is the city of Talcahuano, with 244,034 inhabitants. It comprises a port in the Bay of Concepción and one in the Bay of San Vicente. It is the main military, industrial and fishing port of the southern zone of the country.

It is close to the city of Concepción, and serves as its port. The main Chilean naval base is located here, close to the Naval Academy.

You will be able to visit Talcahuano and its surroundings, the seaside promenade Ventana al Mar (“Window to the Sea”), the “Remolcado de Alta Mar Poderoso”, declared a National Monument, the Monitor Huáscar, the beaches of Ramuntcho, Rocoto, the Museum and Park Hualpén and the fish market.

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